Introducing iX2020

a virtual crossing

With the health and wellbeing of our athletes, volunteers and the entire Islesboro community at the top of our minds, LifeFlight of Maine has made the difficult decision to hold a virtual iX2020 to replace the annual in-person Islesboro Crossing.

The spirit of this annual fundraising open water swim event has always been steeped in community – an illustration of the many hands it takes to provide emergency medical service in the hundreds of small towns and villages in rural Maine. LifeFlight is working to create a unique virtual experience that builds community engagement and serves as a fun and inspiring way to help critically ill and injured patients across Maine, including those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that the thousands of people who have supported LifeFlight through the Islesboro Crossing still want to make a difference, especially today.

We’re pleased to announce the physical distancing version of the Islesboro Crossing: iX2020 (note the lower case i… more on that later)!

How will iX2020 be different?

First, and most importantly, the event will be virtual. What does this mean to you? Primarily, this means we will not see the hundreds of swimmers, paddlers and volunteers together in Northport and Islesboro this August.

All of our participants will be creating their own individual crossings (hence the lower case i) whatever distance they like and wherever they like.

That could be Sebago Lake, Moosehead Lake or Lake Havasu; or maybe it’s Casco Bay, Linekin Bay or San Francisco Bay; or perhaps you decide to swim the distance from Northport to Islesboro in your local pool (if it’s open). It’s up to you! We’re also opening the event to paddlers in addition to swimmers – you can cross in the water or on the water. Each participant will have from August 1 to August 16 to complete his or her crossing.

The mission of LifeFlight does not stop. However, we also understand these are trying times for everyone, so we are removing the fundraising minimum and opening the event to anyone who wants to join us as a swimmer or paddler. Swimmers and paddlers who complete their crossing will still receive t-shirts and finisher medals. We’ve created a unique fundraising incentive plan with lots of great gifts at levels from $150 to $20,000 plus a special gift for our top fundraiser.

Swimmers will automatically be entered into the virtual crossing.  If for some reason this doesn't work the following options are available:

  • Convert your registration to a donation.
  • Request a refund.

Support Paddlers who have already registered have four options:

  • Support your swimmer as they complete their individual crossing. Receive your t-shirt and acknowledgement.
  • Convert your registration to a full virtual participant, pay the difference and be eligble for amazing incentive prices, finisher medal and more.
  • Convert your registration to a donation.
  • Request a refund.

In the coming weeks we’ll update this website with additional information as well event logistics; fundraising incentives; ways to train and stay active as you prepare for your crossing; and the technology you will use to share your accomplishments. By August, we will all be experts at this new world of online community-building!

We wish everyone well during these trying times. Keep training, whether that be running, biking, hiking or even swimming (safely and at a distance). The outdoors is still a good place to spend time and recharge your mental and physical batteries. We look forward to providing an amazing iX2020 event experience in August.