Course Chart

Course Chart as of 07/24/2019

Course Description

The course will take you across West Penobscot Bay, from the rocky beach at Point Lookout /Lincolnville Beach in Northport, to Grindle Point on Islesboro. Located near the mouth of the Penobscot River, the channel is subject to both tides and river currents. We will assess river currents in the morning before the swim start, and we’ll offer swimmers as much guidance as possible.

Each swimmer is required to have a paddler to escort them; the paddler is responsible for charting the course, guiding the swimmer, and staying by the swimmer's side from start to finish of the swim. See more about paddler responsibilities in the Participants Guide.

Course boats will pick up swimmers who drift off course and put them back in the field to continue swimming. Water temps usually run in the low to mid-60s; still, wetsuits are strongly encouraged. Paddles, fins, snorkels, and other aids are permitted.




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