Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a sampling of the many ways volunteers help at the Islesboro Crossing.  While this year will be different and we are working on volunteer opportunities (check back here or email, eventmanager@islesborocrossing.org, you can still get involved with this inspiring event. If you decide to volunteer, REGISTER HERE

On Islesboro – before the event

  • Help spread the word on Islesboro
  • Bake, donate, and prep food and drinks for participants
  • Make signs and posters
  • Put up signs and posters
  • Set up the finish chute, food tents, and information booth
  • Set up the PA system
  • Help prepare/secure the area around the helicopter landing zone

On the mainland– before the event

  • Serve on the planning committee
  • Solicit sponsorships
  • Help with social media
  • Make signs and posters 
  • Put up signs and posters

On the mainland - Saturday afternoon and evening 

  • Kayak drop-off assistance
  • Swimmer check-in
  • Paddler check-in
  • Volunteer check-in
  • Swimmer and paddler packet distribution
  • Swimmer and paddler incentive prize gift bag distribution
  • Distribute T-shirts
  • Overnight kayak security
  • Professional photography

On the mainland - Sunday morning

  • Assist with breakfast
  • Volunteer check-in
  • Help direct folks to the changing areas
  • Help direct folks to the shuttle buses
  • Help direct folks to the dry bag drop off area
  • Swimmer and Paddler check-in
  • Help move kayaks to the beach
  • Help announce wave starts 1, 2 & 3
  • Receive kayaks at Lincolnville Beach
  • Oversee kayaks at Lincolnville Beach until paddlers pick up
  • Professional photography

On Islesboro – during the event

  • Volunteer check-in
  • Distribute volunteer T-shirts
  • Provide remote parking supervision and coordination
  • Direct spectators from remote parking to shuttle
  • Assist swimmers out of the water
  • Give out finisher medals
  • Help announce swimmers
  • Help peel wetsuits
  • Serve food and drinks
  • Provide massage
  • Man the warming tent
  • Direct swimmers to the massage tent
  • Take a shift holding kayak signage at the finish
  • Help with paddler check-out
  • Instruct paddlers where to dock kayaks
  • Manage kayaks
  • Professional photography
  • Clean up

On the water – during the event

  • Professional photography