FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I want to support LifeFlight of Maine. How do I sign up?

Great, we’d love to have you join us! For this year’s event, you can choose your favorite activity to cross Maine in your favorite location. We hope to have people swimming, paddling, hiking, biking, rowing, sailing and more in every county, helping us connect the corners of Maine, just like LifeFlight connects patients across the state to the critical care they need, when they need it. To register, click here

What will the reimagined event look like? 

We recognize that our crossers are located across the US and around the world, so we want to make the remote iX2021 as accessible as possible. To do this, you have options for completing your crossing:

  • Complete your crossing between August 1 and August 31. This means you’ll have the entire month to complete a swim, paddle, row, ride, run, hike of your choice. 
  • You will create your own crossing. Whatever distance you like and wherever you like. You can only swim a mile this year? No problem! Want to swim a 10k? Go for it! Want to paddle across Sebago Lake or down the Saco River? It’s completely up to you! 
  • Be safe.  If you swim in open water, have someone with you in case of an emergency. Click here for more  open water safety guidelines. If you are paddling, have a whistle and a PFD with you at all times. 
  • Share your crossing with us. We'll be updating the crossing tracker website to make it easier to see and post crossings... we heard your feedback from last year! The new site is at tracker.crossforlifeflight.org will be available beginning early July.

Am I still required to fundraise?

The fundraising minimum is crucial to our successful event and LifeFlight's ongoing mission. In 2021 we will have a $350 fundraising minimum. That's just 10 donations from family, friends and coworkers of $35 each.

Teams - Cross for LifeFlight is better with friends, family and 

Anyone can create a new team or join an existing team. Each team member registers as an individual and is committing to the minimum fundraising goals, but teams are a great way to participate together and motivate each other to meet your goals.

How will I get my goodies?

This year, because we will not all be together in Northport, we provided 3 in person packet pickups at our partner, SeaDog, the option to have your captain distribute them, or have them mailed. Registrations beginning in July will automatically be mailed.

Why is this event so important for LifeFlight?

At LifeFlight, we believe that everyone in Maine has the right to lifesaving critical care, and we know that every minute counts.  With more than one million people spread across a vast state, providing critical care transport is a complex but essential service. When we all work together, we can bridge the miles to save lives. 

Because of the work and dedication of our past participants, we’ve moved even closer to our goal of purchasing two new helicopters to replace our oldest models, Echo Mike and Charlie Mike. We've purchased specialized medical equipment designed specifically to take care of seriously ill patients in the transport environment. We've offered advanced clinical training and education to emergency medical providers across the state. All of that means you're helping even more people in Maine (residents and visitors alike) get the critical care and transport they need, when they need it.

Additional Questions? 

Please contact us at eventmanager@islesborocrossing.org