A new swimming achievement category was created in 2018 in conjunction with two other epic open water crossings. By completing the Nubble Light Challenge (2.4m), Peaks to Portland (2.4m) and the Islesboro Crossing (5k), you'll become one of the few elite swimmers to achieve the Maine Coastal Triple Crown of Swimming.   Submit your results to us and we'll get you on the list. 

2020 and 2021 WILL count towards the Maine Coastal Triple Crown and streaker status for the Islesboro Crossing! 

We are currently building the list to see how it evolves and grows. 

​1. Mike LePage
2. Meredith Farnum
3. Megan Ouellette
4. Marc Farrar
5. RW Estela
6. Susan Knight
7. Liz Mcghee
8. Carl (Gunny) Gisseman
9. Peter Casares
10. Christopher Sweet
11. John Gale
12. Lisa Childs
13. Gail Turner
14. Sam Manhart
15. Amanda Dakowitz
16. Alyssa Langlais

Submit your results to eventmanager@islesborocrossing.org and info@nubblelightchallenge.org