Cross for LifeFlight 2021

Join us on August 1, 2021

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2021 Cross for LifeFlight!

Where will you cross this year? It's never too early to dig out your map and start planning your route. Will it be a solo crossing or will you gather a group of like-minded friends to tackle something bigger? Will you cross a lake or harbor? Paddle down a river? Or cross a mountain on your favorite hiking trail? Whatever and where ever it is, start planning today and don't forget to register!

Epic scenery - wherever you choose

The breathtaking waters, mountains and trails of Maine are legendary. And many of them are in remote and isolated communities where the importance of LifeFlight is well understood. Find your favorite place, or a new one, and make your crossing epic!

We take care of you

Sure, we won't be there to feed you and cheer for you at the finish line, but we'll be there in spirit and will motivate you all along the way as you train, plan and complete your own epic crossing.

A personal experience

It's what you make it. Whether you're crossing for time, or in it for the emotional challenge, it's a rewarding experience for all!

A powerful community

Join swimmers, paddlers, bikers, hikers, runners and other crossers from the islands, the mainland, throughout New England, and across the nation. All ages, inspired in various ways, swimming together (but apart) to help LifeFlight save lives.


Get to know LifeFlight patients and meet the flight crew through our online community. 

Direct impact

Your efforts help save lives. Over the last eight years, this inspired and dedicated group of crossers and volunteers have raised more than $1.8 million to help LifeFlight perform its lifesaving mission.