Welcome to my Islesboro Crossing 2019 Fundraising Page!

I'm brimming over with gratitude to be participating in the Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight for the third year running (ahem, swimming!). That gratitude flows in the direction of the remarkable work that LifeFlight does every day: Since its inception 20 years ago, LifeFlight has touched the lives of nearly 24,000 critically ill and injured people from nearly every community in Maine. It is a privilege and joy to live in this rural state, and LifeFlight - Maine's only emergency helicopter service - provides consistent, reliable, and life-saving care from the coast to the mountains and in between.

I am grateful, too, for my own physical capacity. When swimming or skiing long distances, I feel intensely attuned to my body, to what is straining and what is in perfect flow. When I'm feeling strong, I send energy and strength in the direction of people I know to be struggling or grieving. When my stroke is off or I'm starting to feel weary, I "borrow" energy from the people and organizations in my life that inspire me with their strength: I think of my mother moving through the daily pain of arthritis to get to the pool for early morning swim aerobics class, of my West Bath-based Kaleidoscope Quilting group members who take to their sewing machines in response to challenge and crisis, of my colleagues and fellow farmers, who use their bodies in productive ways to grow food for our community. Whether it is deeply listening, dropping off a meal, or making a quilt, the choice to show up is a critical one that both roots us in community and underscores our humanity. 

I am feeling, this year, grateful for LifeFlight and my own physical ability to swim five kilometers on August 18, 2019 across Penobscot Bay from Northport to the island of Islesboro to support their efforts. And I am feeling oh-so-glad to be part of a committed team of individuals - Team Chewonki!! - who will be collectively completing this event together. Our team is comprised of Chewonki current and former staff and alumni, all swimming and paddling in honor of LifeFlight of Maine.  

Most times I mention the Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight, the response includes a story about a friend or family member or otherwise who was transported by helicopter with care and quickness to needed medical care. In my life, folks that have benefited from such transport include an aunt and a dear friend. Funds raised at this year’s swim will go toward the purchase of two new helicopters to replace the two that have served the people in Maine for the last 14 years.

Many thanks for supporting my efforts, and mostly, for supporting this critically important service. Thank you for the ways that you show up. 


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